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Lemon Crushers


LEMON CRUSHERS is the WORKING WOMAN’S GUIDE TO OVERCOMING ADVERSITY and the challenges life brings , both personally and professionally, and not just endure them, but THRIVE as a result of them.

Becoming a Lemon Crusher will help you avoid, even eliminate adversity, both in and out of the workplace. Learn to use each challenge you face as a stepping stone to success. Live a happier, more fulfilled, more purposeful life.

With real life stories about real life working women, Pearl Galbraith entertains as well as inspires. After introducing the Guide to Overcoming Adversity, Galbraith applies the principles to relevant case studies of working women. Galbraith highlights women who faced challenges ranging from health, finances, relationships, career issues and circumstances.

We are welcome alongside these women to experience not just their crisis, but more important, how the women used the Lemon Crushing principles to succeed.

The Guide to Overcoming Adversity including the Case Studies of Real Women with Real Problems who experienced Real Success, give us all hope and inspiration to face our own “lemons” and “make lemonade”.

Helpful for all working women. Good advice at the beginning, and case studies that resonate at the end. Once you view yourself as a Lemon Crusher, it's hard to go back to the hum-drum of life!

Jenna Justice


Study Guide to Lemon Crushers Book

Follow along with the book “Lemon Crushers; A Working Woman’s Guide to Overcoming Adversity” with the Study Guide. Becoming a Lemon Crusher and reducing adversity in your life is a process; not a one time event. Get your copy of the Study Guide to gain the most from the book. 

Vision Board Printable Kit (PDF)

The Lemon Crushers Vision Board is designed for busy working women who want to experience a powerful visualization tool to help them achieve their goals. The kit includes the display board, instructions and comes preloaded with images to spark inspiration and desire.

Inspirational Quotes (PDF)

Powerful quotes to inspire your day.  A variety of personal affirmations laid out in a downloadable PDF format.  Several to select from, set of 4.  “Whatever happens take responsibility.”  “Never a failure; always a lesson.” “Be the reason another women feels sunshine; not rain.”

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