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Inspired Women Inc was founded in 2015 by Pearl Galbraith.

Several situations in my work and personal life culminated in landing my family in NW Montana in 1998.  Being more at home in an urban setting I found it difficult to “find my tribe” in this unique, microcosm of the world.

Inspired was birthed out of what I lacked here in Montana for nearly 20 years. I missed the connection with entrepreneurial, growth mindset, women. I missed educational and job skills training opportunities. I missed a platform where women of faith can excel and achieve in the workplace. I missed an environment where we focus and build on the incredible opportunities around us.   I missed a continuous desire to achieve; not settle.

I knew if I missed these attitudes, connections, and benefits, so did others.  Discussions started with like-minded women in 2015 and together with a phenomenal board of directors and dedicated volunteers, Inspired Women, Inc. was launched.

Today the organization is rapidly growing in influence and effectiveness, enhancing the lives of working women and the people they touch.

Inspire one woman; change the world.


-Pearl Galbraith 

More About Inspired Women

We Create Connections

What makes Inspired unique is the group’s primary purpose – to feed the “Soul”. We aim to build Godly relationships with women first, provide mentoring for their workplace skills second, and allow the opportunity to showcase wares, third.

We Don't Settle

What “we don’t settle” means is Inspired promotes lifelong learning. We aim to empower women with new skills, trend updates, and opportunities, to increase their skills in the workplace. We want to continually strive to be the best we can be.

We Value Authenticity & Fun

We value open honest conversations and embrace authenticity. Speakers are asked to share from their hearts. We want to hear about speaker successes, but, more than that, we want to know the challenges, the less than perfect, and the failures.

We Walk The Talk

We lead by example in doing what we are able in enhancing the lives of the women we touch and we ask women to step up and proactively do the same.

September 2020 Update

After 5 successful years, Inspired Women closed the organization. Over 60 events were held with a cumulative total of 6000 women participating in Inspired Women activities through that time. Connections were made that continue to thrive today. Women were celebrated and our entire community was empowered. Inspired is a prime example of how empowering women; impacts our world.

Photo from Final Inspired Women Luncheon held September 10, 2020 in Kalispell Montana.

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