Pearl Galbraith

Pearl Galbraith empowers women to live their Best Lives.

She is a “lemon crushing” working woman, financial advisor, author, motivational speaker and founder of Inspired Women Inc, a nonprofit organization that connects, celebrates and empowers working women.

Raised on a Canadian wheat farm, participating in the “work” has always been a necessity, not an option.  First employment off the farm was as a dishwasher. Her career has spanned 2 countries where she has held various roles including executive positions in both hospitality and finance companies. Other positions have included being a successful realtor, a national sales trainer and a securities broker.  Today she serves clients in her financial practice and leads Inspired Women Inc. 

The motivation behind writing her first book: Lemon Crushers: A Working Woman’s Guide to Overcoming Adversity, was to inspire working women to live purposeful, more fulfilled, more joyful lives. 

Pearl and her husband Mark have 2 grown sons and a teenage daughter.  They make their home in Whitefish, MT. 



Through the Inspired Stories Blog and upcoming Podcast. Pearl will share anecdotes, wisdom, advice, stories and inspiration designed to get you motivated to CRUSH your own CHALLENGES!


Resources to crush your challenges including a money quiz, stories, and exactly how to overcome your challenges.


Follow on Instagram and Facebook and stay tuned for updates on ways to connect in with your Tribe of Lemon Crushing Women. 

The Book was only the beginning

Lemon Crushers: A Working Woman’s Guide to Overcoming Adversity was written  to address women’s top 5 challenges:

  • Challenges in Health
  • Challenges in Finances
  • Challenges in Relationships
  • Challenges in Career
  • Challenges in Circumstances

…AND to not settle in the challenges but THRIVE as a result of them!  

Today, the book has birthed not just an attitude, but a movement uniting women in cause to advance past their challenges to live happier, more purposeful, more joyful lives!


Becky Stillo

"Love the easy to read format at applicability for all working women! Real life, real examples and real advice for all to be empowered by. Well done Pearl capturing this topic and bringing women together."

Jennifer Green

" A must read for any working woman!"

Lorena Kirby

"Thirty brave Lemon Crushers shared their own stories of adversity and triumph in their own lives. There is a story in this book that will resonate for each of us; no matter where you are in your life, no matter what struggles you are facing YOU ARE NOT ALONE!"

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